GC,GP,RW Jovan Tickle Me Elmo of Lynzkatz
CFA's Ambassador Cat


We got Elmo from Cheryl and Bob Lorditch in January 2010 to show as a kitten. He quickly got enough points to be North Atlantic Region's 21st best kitten and received his Grand Championship quickly at 8 months. We took him to his first show as a neuter and he made 6 finals including several BEST Allbreed Cats in Show. He loved being shown and ended the show year as Great Lakes region's 5th best AB cat and as CFA's 27th best cat nationally in premiership. Elmo missed going to cat shows and would keep getting into carriers and wanting to go with us. We decided to apply to the Ambassador Program so he could still go to shows and be petted and visit with all of the spectators at the cat shows. We were so happy that he was chosen out of all of the applicants to be a brand new ambassador for CFA and IAMS.



The Ambassador Program I-Cats start their Second Year

Thanks to P&G Pet Care/Iams for their generous support and loyal commitment, for our CFA Iams Ambassador-Cat Program, also fondly called the I-Cats. The program has now doubled in size and will continue to grow in our second year.

In October 2010, this great program started with twelve active Iams Ambassador-Cats and now we are twenty-four strong, we are continuing to accept new applications. We hope to add an additional twelve I-Cats to our US program, for a total of thirty six; one of our new I-Cats lives in Hawaii. I-Cats are not chosen based on their region of residence but on their devotion to CFA and their commitment to this Iams partnership program. Our goal is to have I-Cats available at all CFA shows and also large Pet Expos in the very near future.

At the National Show in November 2011, twelve I-Cats were in attendance representing Iams presence and attracted a major share of spectator turnout in their booth. The bright orange color of the I-Cat equipment acted like a magnet. We actually took our I-Cats into the aisles at the show and brought our cats to the spectators in their strollers, on their leashes and in carts. The I-Cats have the Iams orange and white paw-print scarf’s, harnesses or bibs.

Being an I-Cat is not only an honor but it is a true commitment to your breed and to CFA. Our I-Cats have become an important marketing tool at our cat shows. The shows that have embraced the I-Cats and advertised their attendance have been rewarded with an increase in paid spectators and a better show experience for their spectators.

Besides being hard work, this program has become a personal rewarding experience for our people. We see the delight in people’s faces as they hold and pet our socially friendly cats and the joy in the faces of children as they are allowed to actually cuddle the kitty.

As we go forward in 2012, we would like for everyone to meet and get to know our I-Cats. Our original twelve I-Cats are Diane Bove (Selkirk Rex), Diane Coppola (Birman), Dawn & Jerry Crisp (American Shorthair), Tracy Dalton (Exotic), Ginger Gunlock (European Burmese), Pat Hawk (Sphynx), Donna Hinton (Maine Coon), Kathy Hoos (Siamese), Maureen Kramanak (Bombay), Shirley Peet (Exotic), Mark Rowe (Somali) and Mike Shelton (Norwegian Forest Cat). These are the folks that you have seen and become familiar.

Our new twelve I-Cats are Linda Bartley (Exotic), Jacqui Bennet (Li Hua), Nancy Bueno (Oriental), Cheryl Coleman (Korat), Ken Cribbs (Siamese), Sandy Faust (Birman), James Flanik (Ragdoll), Laura Gregory (Ragamuffin), Karen Lane (Birman), Chris Maki (Sphynx), Ann Mathis (Japanese Bobtail), and Chris Willingham (Oriental).

Please take a few minutes and thank all of these people for working for CFA and for our clubs when you see them at the shows. Remember too, P&G Pet Care, Iams has made this wonderful program possible with their generous support two years now and still growing.

During this next year, the I-Cat Program is developing Trading Cards for our I-Cats. These cards will be given out to spectators to further enhance their show experience, teach them about the CFA breeds and have as a keepsake from your club’s show.

If you or your club wants more information about the CFA Iams I-Cat Program, having an I-Cat at your show or if you are interested in becoming an I-Cat please contact Karen Lane at karenllane@comcast.net

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