GC, GP, RW Goddess Mio Mio of Lynzkatz
May 15, 2014 ~ March 27, 2015


Gia was a very special girl, after having waited to get their Scottish Fold kitten for most of their 27 years of Showing, the Bartley's were thrilled when they were offered Gia from her breeder. Tatiana Romanova sent Gia over to the Bartley's in early December. She started showing and was Best kitten in show at her first show. She took off from there and was a two show Grand Champion and Grand Premier. Gia loved the show ring and always had a wonderful time. She went to a show in early March and contracted a virus from a sick cat that must have been present at that show. Gia became ill on Thursday morning and was rushed to our vet, she was gone by 12:30am. This is horrifying that a beautiful, healthy immunized cat could become ill from a virus she should have been protected from. Please in honor of Gia's loss, before you go to your next cat show get your cats their FVRCP boosters. Save yourself the heartbreak that we are going through. People need to think about the risk they cause to other cats when they show sick ones. She had her FVRCP vaccines but they did not protect her from the virus. Viruses mutate and this could have happened to any cat in the show. If you have a sick cat STAY HOME! Protect anyone else's cats from the illness.

To be sure that Gia's loss was not in vain we would like to start a campaign called "Gia's Hope" to remind people to be more responsible about the health of their animals and to also empower exhibitors, clerks, and especially judges to report and remove sick animals from the show hall. We will have buttons with her picture on them with different slogans to remind people to "show healthy" and "Be alert for sick kitties". "We all want to be safe". Gia was one of the most appealing kitties ever and we are hoping it would serve a huge purpose.


GC, GP, RW Goddess Mio Mio of Lynzkatz, blue silver spotted tabby Scottish Fold made 6 finals at the Crab and Mallet Cat Club show. It was a really tough show and we are very proud of her! She is a new 9 month old to premiership.

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